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Green Voice for Education

Reconnect's Aquaponics(魚菜共生) experience booth in HKFYG Tsuen Wan Centre was Reconnect's first experience of commercial selling. Seeing people enjoying Reconnect's explanation on environemntal mission and making their own Aquaponics was incredible. The Aquaponics set with fish and the seedling were a huge hit and sold out within 5 hours despite surrounded by other free handicraft workshops.


Create a physical retail experience that encourages people to explore the Viet Nam and Indonesian Coffee

E&E Coffee is a newly established Coffee brand, representing Vietnam and Indonesian Coffee in Hong Kong. To promote the launch of the brand in 2015, they decided to host a small shelf spot in ICYPAPA FoodStore in Kowloon Bay where offers premium food experience. Key aims were to raise brand awareness, increase engagement with their target customer and boost sales. It was a hit with Kowloon Bay Office Ladies' commuters.


在2016香港理工大學企業嘉年華活動上, 我們樂聽科技透過手機錄音的方式,收集了110位遊客對老年弱聽人士的新年問候與祝福。這110位陌生人,有準備入讀幼稚園的小朋友;有青春陽光的大學同學;有親切體貼的父母;還有慈祥和藹的老人家。






Nordic Experience

Chan Yirk Kuk founded Live Norish as a Blog in 2013 with the idea of making a nordic community in Hong Kong with introducing different nordic brands, from food to travel guidebooks she loves.

She has made her first exhibition booth in the Travel and sport fair in Hong Kong convention centre for 2 days.

She showcased her range of Nordic travel bookguides with live norish bloggers event. The fair booth helped Prudence to boost their Live Norish brand exposure and increase their sales. Social media mentions followed this along with an increase in website visits.

A highlight was her interview with MetroPop which really put Live Norish in the spotlight. The two day residency gave Live Norish valuable insights into how their brand could be brought to life in a physical environment rather than just online.

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